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Cane was first introduced to English furniture in the late 17th century we have restored lots of furniture from this period. We have been re- caning and rush seating chairs and sofa’s now for 25 years. We use only the best materials available, cane from Indonesia and rush from the River Thames and the Fen Country. All patterns can be replicated and reproduced. Professionally woven cane is uniform and tightly fitted, it is of a light colour at the beginning and with time will darken with age. Staining cane is not recommended.

Rush seating is a very old craft first found on items dating back to the 14th Century in Egypt it was very popular on country made furniture in England in the late 16th Century.



If you have an old rush or cane seated chair in need of restoring .

  • Rush Seating Specialists
  • Cane Seating
  • Furniture Repair & Restoration
  • Danish Cord
  • Seats Restored & Replaced



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17th Century Ash framed country farmhouse chair - before French Polisher 4U start restoration.


Rush seating has been removed ready for the woodwork on the chair to be restored and polished.


The chair has now been french polished and the seat re-rushed using best quality dutch rush, every strand was hand twisted. All ready for re-delivery back to Cumbria. 



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Our Restoration Services Include:

  • Traditional French & Spray Polishing
  • Cane & Rush Seating
  • Cleaning & Reviving of Existing Finishes
  • Clock Cases & Horology
  • Colour Matching to Existing Furniture
  • Desktop Re-leathering
  • Furniture Lacquering
  • Furniture Repairs
  • Glass Replacement - Curved, Leaded & Engraved
  • Heat and Water Resistant Finishes
  • Inlays & Re-veneering
  • Leather Restoration & Re-coloring
  • Specialist Wax & Oil Finishes
  • Traditional Limed Finishes
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